Welcome to Spring College, where you will find original walking events & courses on environmental issues, economics and value systems, philosophy, arts and ethical living.

Spring College provides a variety of transformative courses, held primarily outdoors, in some of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands and on request beyond. Spring College programmes are developed to deepen our understanding of living systems and grow our sense of connection in the world. Participating in Spring College events will help you make thoughtful and powerful change in your life and organization. They invite you to actively engage and bring forward a society in which we take care of ourselves, each other and all living beings.

Yearly we organize walk & talk events, either open for everyone or for a specific group. There are three variances:

  • Spring College directed walks with inspiring guests (4-5 per year)
  • walks in co-creation with other people/organisations
  • events on request (any amount)

Check our past event ‘Water: Source of Life‘ Tuesday 14 July 2015 with indigenous grandmother and water expert Mona Polacca.

A Sea to Source River Walk forms a larger project, where guest speakers and participants will be invited to join parts of this 3-year journey.

Do you wish to be informed about the upcoming events of Spring College? Please leave your name and contact details on the connect page, sign up for our Facebook group or contact us directly via email: springcollegenl@gmail.com.

Warm greetings,

Li An, walking facilitator and co-founder of Spring College

For an overview of our past Spring College activities Passed Seasons, Spring 2013 & Spring 2014.