130130_LiAninChinaLi An Phoa

RESEARCH | HOLISTIC LEARNING | CREATION for vital food, water and landscapes

Li An Phoa is a passionate systems-thinker engaged in research, holistic learning and creation for vital food, water and landscapes. She initiates and facilitates multi-stakeholder processes. She works with large organisations such as Unilever and the Rwandan Ministry of Health, as well as innovative farmers, artists and indigenous communities. She teaches at Rotterdam School of Management, Nyenrode Business University, Schumacher College and co-founded Spring College teaching hundreds of people outdoors about ecology and economy; our daily lives and habits and the visions we hold for our world.

Watch this video clip to get an impression of what she means with ‘Learning to Live Together’. A link to her website www.lianphoa.wordpress.com; her work with Beautiful Earth Action & Research (BEAR) on LinkedIn; her writing e.g. article in Dutch Financial Times; Li An in Happinez magazine (Feb/Mar 2015, p100-103), article Down to Earth (PDF) | text Nynke Sietsma | styling Tilly Hazenberg | Photography Inga Powilleit

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