2007 05 Mag.Jörg Schauberger 026 - Version 2Jörg Schauberger

Jörg was born in Linz, Upper-Austria. His parents are Ingeborg and Dipl.-Ing. Walter Schauberger (the son of Viktor Schauberger). He grew up and went to school in Bad Ischl. On many travels to Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and within Austria Jörg accompanied his father Walter, who held lectures about Viktor and a new Energy-Concept (Implosion). Together, they met many scientists for research.

Jörg had studied Mathematics at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz (Master of Science). During study, he began to work at the local radio station. He continued to work as reporter and „DJ“ for the ORF-Radio (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) in Graz and Vienna for more than 20 years.

After the passing of his father, Walter Schauberger in 1994, he got more and more involved in the Schauberger-Eco-Technology. In 1996, he co-founded the new series of Seminars at the PKS-Institute (PKS stands for Pythagoras Kepler System) The PKS-Institute was established in the late sixties by Walter Schauberger.

In 1999, Jörg let go off his work at ORF to fully concentrate on PKS, to do research at the Schauberger-Archive in Bad Ischl, to co-ordinate international projects concerning the Schauberger-Eco-Technology, and to publish and hold lectures.

Due to committing to communicating and continuing the legacy of his family (father and grandfather), he decided to move back to his home-town Bad Ischl in 2000. Jörg has been the founder of J. Schauberger Verlag, through which he has been publishing books and DVDs about the work of Viktor and Walter Schauberger. He is editor of a book with all important articles by Viktor Schauberger about water: “Das Wesen des Wassers”. He is the head of SNT – Schauberger Natur Technik, co-operating with Wetsus in the Netherlands in water-vortex-research.

He enjoys music, plays the guitar and sings in a choir. He is married to Ingrid and has three children. Together with his wife, they host jazz and chamber music concerts with international stars at PKS. For instance, September 29, there will be a Jazz event at PKS broadcasted by ORF-Radio.