jan van boeckel image Jan van Boeckel

Jan is a Dutch anthropologist, visual artist, art teacher and filmmaker. One of Jan’s areas of interest and concern are the worldviews and environmental philosophies of indigenous peoples. Together with filmmaking group ReRun Productions, he produced a series of documentaries on this subject, as well as films on philosophers such as Jacques Ellul and Arne Naess, who provide a critical analysis of the Western way of life. These films include, among others: The Earth is Crying (1987), It’s Killing the Clouds (1992), The Betrayal by Technology (1992), and The Call of the Mountain (1997). Currently Jan van Boeckel is a researcher at Aalto University in Helsinki, where he is focusing on the added value of art practice in the context of nature and environmental education. Inspired by indigenous peoples’ cultures, his own engagement in art and art teaching practices, and his experiences of living close to wilderness areas of Sweden, Jan’s interest has moved to art as a means to connect to what David Abram aptly called ‘the more-than-human-world’. One of Jan’s research interests is the tension between trying to ‘open the senses’ whilst coping with the current ecological crisis.