Wetsus Cees Buisman ZB LW HLP_picCees Buisman

Professor dr.ir. Cees J.N. Buisman holds a MsC and PhD degree from Wageningen University.

Currently, since 2003, he is Professor at the sub department of Environmental Technology at Wageningen University in the field of biological reuse and recovery technology. The current focal point is on bio-electrochemistry and biological induced solid production, both for recovery of energy, chemicals and minerals.

Before joining the university, he has held the position of Director Technology and business development of Paques bv from 1990 till 2003. He was responsible for the introduction of several environmental technologies.

He combines his position of Professor Environmental Technology with his position as Executive Board Member at Wetsus, “European center of excellence for sustainable water technology”. The objective of Wetsus is to create a business driven international multidisciplinary research program.

Mr. Buisman is member of ‘The Netherlands Academy of Technology & Innovation’, several Advisory Boards and Supervisory Boards.

For more information: www.wetsus.eu & www.ete.wur.nl

An interesting article about (the thinking of) Cees Buisman (in Dutch) in Leeuwarder Courant ‘Radicaal tegen de Decadentie’; Cees will also give a Paradiso talk in Amsterdam 3 April 2016.