River Restoration, inspired by Schauberger – FULLY BOOKED

Too much, too little, too polluted. These are our current water issues anywhere on earth. This planet we call Earth despite being two-third Ocean. How entangled are these three water issues of quantity and quality? How symptomatic are these issues of a worldview and habits that systemically and fundamentally undermine the natural flows and thus the logic of life.

161005_flyerriverrestorationDuring this Spring College walk in the fall, together with Jörg Schauberger, grandson of Viktor Schauberger, we will imagine how rivers can be restored. Rivers will be approached tangibly and  technically from a river engineering view. Creating value and interest for engineers, (aquatic) ecologists, hydrologists, landscape architects and –planners. As well as, interpreting rivers metaphorically with music, natural flow and as blood in our veins.

We will gain understanding in Instream River Training, a method to ‘train’ or build the river system in a natural way and to discover how to guide the river. It is developed and worked out by Viktor Schauberger, (practical uses, river engineering), Otmar Grober and others as a kind of river engineering that follows the ideas and principles of Viktor Schauberger. It means not to build concrete walls, but instead to use ‘micro groins’ and ‘meandering ramps’ to concentrate the energy of the water to the center of the river and thus stabilising river banks and structuring river beds. It shows to be much cheaper than other methods used so far. Schauberger: “Everything that is natural is silent, simple and cheap“. dsc02751

Walking Event in English (3km, 3 hours)

When: Wednesday 5 October 2016, 15-18:00 (arrival 14:30)

Where: Bunnik, Oud Amelisweerd, along the Kromme Rijn

Costs: 35€; students 15€

Payment: Spring College bankaccount NL38 TRIO 0254 8451 26 at Triodos Bank, Zeist, with your name(s)

Register payment + email: springcollegenl@gmail.com

Limited to 40 people

Schauberger: “Natur Kapieren, dann Kopieren”. Understanding the River, in order to replicate the natural flow and to restore the River.

It has been a day with almost fifty people and full of sun.

img_9722img_9723img_9730dsc02732dsc02780dsc02734 More pictures of the event on Spring College’s Facebook page