Conscious Evolution with Cees Buisman

With a group of thirty people we celebrated this second Spring College walking course ‘Conscious Evolution’ with IMG_9464Professor Cees Buisman, the 4th of April.

We walked in the sanctified forests ‘Rijsterbos’, an ancient place with 100,000 years of history in Friesland. In the book ‘Spiritual Places in the Netherlands’, Henk Ganzeboom selected this as one of the nineteen places. The landscape is marked by old beech and oak trees on hilly remnants from the last ice age creating remarkable cliffs forming the banks of the IJsselmeer.

KobaltFoto0001During the walk we explored how today’s systemic problems with social and environmental challenges confront us with a choice: how to approach the destabilised and dysfunctional system we are in (and continue to create) towards ecological and economic function. The choice is a spectrum ranging from: natural processes to technocratic fixes. Which avenue will we take?

We explored what is conscious evolution; how are we weighing our decisions, what future will we be creating based on those decisions? And how do we evaluate technologies that are based on natural processes? We discovered how scientist Cees Buisman is inspired by the quote “volkswijsheid staat boven de wetenschap” (community wisdom above science) from Nassim Taleb in his book: Antifragile. Buisman is also influenced by the work of E.F. Schumacher ‘A Guide for the Perplexed’ and Ken Wilbur.160315_FlyerSpringCollege_CeesBuisman

We welcomed everyone interested to join to this exciting walk in a remarkable and beautiful place.


When: Monday 4 April 2016

Time: 14-17:00 afternoon (arrival 13:30-14:00)

Where: Rijsterbos, Rijs, Friesland (1:20hr from Amsterdam), meeting point details communicated upon confirmation participation. Add your car ride or check cars in the Group Car Pool or communicate via Facebook ‘Spring College’ event page ‘Conscious Evolution’

Costs: 15€ (students); 25€ (individuals), 65€ (business), early bird discount of 10% with payment before 21 March 2016. This will be donated to the Nico Buisman Fund and the Anne van den Ban Scholarship Funds to enable students from developing countries to study Environmental/Natural Technology (milieutechnologie) at Wageningen.

Registration: email ‘4 April + your name’ + payment

Payment: Spring College account NL38 TRIO 0254 8451 26 at Triodos Bank, Zeist with your ‘4 April + your name’

Some pictures of the event, thanks to photographer & writer Henk Ganzeboom:

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