Inner & Outer

Towards an ecology informed economy. Tapping into the wisdom of places and the logic of life informing our daily life choices.

You are welcome to join a week in beautiful Sweden. landsortgroup-300x200

This course aims to connect participants to what makes our heart sing through outdoor experiences. On the edge of the outer and the inner, we will explore ourselves, our bodies within our larger body, the Earth, our shared home. Experiencing phenomena and our local environment will be our central starting point.

Our exploration and discovery will transition from woods to water. On our Earth pilgrimage, we will follow coastlines of fjords, the large lakes, camp and sleep the magical night, and we’ll walk to a water source.

We will learn about ecotones, Naess’ eco-philosophy, possibillism, deep ecology, ecological self and ecosophy. We will apply sensing methods inspired by Goethe and Schauberger to arrive at the wisdom of a place. Experiences from living ten years as a nomad, walking 10,000km and canoeing from source to sea will be shared. Other lessons from thought-leaders, indigenous elders, entrepreneurs, activists and children, will be touched upon.img_9133

At the end of the week, we will make a deeper connection with ourselves, each other, our local ecologies and link this to the wider ecological self of our Earth body and our future for multi-generations.

More detailed info + registration via YIP (Youth Initiative Program)

Contributor: Li An Phoa, Facilitator: Christianne Sinoo

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