End of Spring or early Summer, there will be a wandering lab ‘Life Science & Technology’ in the Austrian mountains

Step into the wondered world of our living earth and into the footsteps of Viktor Schauberger. The Austrian Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was a keen observer of life and life’s phenomena, applying biomimicry avant-la-lettre.

Inspired amongst others by the work of forester & inventor Schauberger, we will explore learning from life directly. A multiple day walk in the Austrian mountains where Schauberger grew up and lived. We will sleep two nights in the mountains at Shared Silence, one night into-the-wild and one in a small town. We will include a visit to the Schauberger-research institute, the Pythagoras Kepler School in Bad Ischl where we will meet Schauberger’s grandson.

This wandering lab will be hosted by Hayo Stam, Shared Silence. It will be co-facilitated tbc.

More details will follow.