Infinity Play

With the official start of the Spring Season, we celebrated the season by playing with a worldview grounded in infinity. Infinite creativity, time and energy. Everything is already there.


Terschelling, 21 March 2015 (picture by Irene Sportel)

How to be and stay awake, how to tap and tune into this and how to make the connections. With fifteen diverse creatives and professionals from different disciplines (music, art, energy, law, education, entrepreneurship, government), we will explore how we can integrate this into our thinking and daily actions.

Spring College co-initiates this event with Tijn Touber (writer, musician, meditation expert) and Koen Eising (Alliander, CSR manager).

The first, 21 March, has been held in the wind of Terschelling island hosted by Oeds en Marije Bijlsma Fri Terschelling. The second, 24 June, will be an afternoon in Otterlo forests and heathland. We’re looking into playing here again at least at Springtij Sep 2015, tbc.

If there is more interest and curiosity in infinity plays, let us know via