Spring College will be on the island of Terschelling this week with Springtij. Together with Caroline van Leenders (RVO) and Jason Clay (WWF), Li An Phoa will facilitate the workshop:
Outlining Finance 2.0: Connecting ecology based finance and biodiversity entrepreneurs
Organisations engaged with biodiversity and natural processes survive without subsidies. Can our financial system overcome its crises and innovate itself into a resilient system that is more aligned with natural processes, that is the question.
On the one hand, many organizations are looking for new business models. On the other hand, financial businesses are seeking ways to connect with what is called natural capital in order to lower risks. We notice that the worlds of nature-based or ecological approaches and the financial or economic models are wide apart.
In order to discover how these worlds are actually connected, we want to create a breeding ground for an integrated approach to a sustainable livelihood, business and finance. Together with ecologists, environmentalists, farmers, economic and financial experts, we bridge the two distinct cultures by using insights from biomimicry and strengthen the answers and solutions that already exist.
The book of Katherine Collins ‘The Nature of Investing: resilient investment strategies through biomimicry” gives a good introduction to this revolution with insight from bees, sea slugs and the why of finance. In our workshop we will apply some of the six transformations she mentions.
Friday 26 September on Terschelling island at 14:00. Welcome to join us and participate!
For the whole programme, check Springtij website. Register via registration@parthen.nl.