Earth Art, Earth Walk

‘The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper’ – Eden Phillpotts (English playwright), 1919

When    Saturday: 8 June 2013, 10.30 – 17:00 (welcome from 10:00)

Where  National Parc Kennemerduinen, near Haarlem

With      Jan van Boeckel, Li An Phoa and Sarah Denie

What happens when we seek to connect with the living world – not through pre-established scientific knowledge, but through an open-ended artful process?


During this experiential course in which Spring College will be joined by artist and teacher Jan van Boeckel, we explore the relationship of Art in Earth and we will take you through open processes of creation.

Jan will invite you to engage with the living world and the moist, pasty substance that is below our feet and now in our hands: clay. Working the clay, we will imagine and give shape to organic forms, expressing dynamic natural processes of germination, growth and decay. Li An and Sarah take you on a walk through the beautiful Kennemerduinen, exploring how we interpret our daily lives and how our ways of perceiving the world affects how we co-create society and its systems.

Earth Art invites you deeply into the space of the more-than-human-world. You will work with organic forms and matter, use paints, pigments and other materials to bring your natural creativity to light. Throughout the day, a new relationship will be woven between the place, your self and your creativity. We complete the course with sharing our creative journey of the day.

The course is open to everyone who is curious to participate. You don’t need to be an artist or have affinity to the traditional ways of art-making to enjoy this day of artful being. However, you do need to feel comfortable to be outside all day, walk and sit on the ground at times. The price for the day is 60 euro.

Would you like to join Earth Art? Then let us know by writing to with the title ‘Joining Earth Art’. There is place for a maximum of 24 people. Once you have paid your place is reserved, and you will receive additional information on the programme and preparations. You can transfer the fee to Spring College, NL38 TRIO 0254 8451 26 at Triodos Bank Zeist.

We look forward to seeing you on June 8th in the Kennemerduinen.

For an impression of Spring College in the Kennemerduinen last February, have a look at this video clip.

To read how ‘Earth Art, Earth Walk’ went by Jan van Boeckel it can be read and seen in pictures, here.

Meet the Earth Art, Earth Walk group