Earth’s Hope  (was fully booked)130224_Earth'sHope_JohnStart

With:     Ecological filmmaker John D Liu and Spring College

When:   Sunday 24 February 14:00-17:00 (welcome from 13:30)

Where:  De Zandwaaier, Kennemerduinen near Haarlem / Overveen

A quarter of the earth’s land surface is degraded. Billions of hectares of once flourishing ecosystems are now barren land, where almost no life form can live, no water runs, only the wind gusts through with dust and sand. Human activities worldwide have been the main cause of this process. Today, the human family also forms the hope for the future of these regions. Ecological restoration projects are reversing the desertification process. By allowing and supporting the land to recover, species return and ecosystems regenerate, so that also human communities who are living in and depending on the soil, can thrive again.

’The source of wealth is the functional ecosystems. The products and services that we draw from them are derivatives. It is impossible for derivatives to be more valuable than the source. Yet in our economy now, we have given the products and services a monetary value while the source itself, the functional ecosystems, is valued at zero. This cannot be true. In fact, it is false. Our economic structure and institutions are based on a flaw of logic. If we carry that flaw from generation to generation, we compound the mistake.’ – John D Liu

Flyer Earth's Hope_FINALChinese/American ecological filmmaker and experiential soil expert John D Liu (Environmental Education Media ProjectGreen GoldHope in a Changing Climate) believes the way to turn society from degradation to restoration lies in forming active communities who co-create to increase biodiversity, biomass and accumulated nutrients by seeds saving and seed propagation. This requires the acquisition of appropriate skills to collaborate as one human community for beautiful and functional lands.

Earth’s Hope will be an unforgettable out- and indoor experience organised by Spring College. Filmmaker John D Liu will screen new video materials and share excerpts of his learning journey in a variety of ecosystems and landscapes in e.g. Mexico, Oman, South Africa and others. John has worked in over 60 countries around the world. You can read more on his life journeys here.

13:30           arrival

14:00           welcome by Spring College

14:15            walk and stories about ecological restoration

15:30           exclusive film excerpts of John’s learning journeys

16:00           open dialogue on Earth’s Hope

17:00           closing (those who wish to linger can do so)

John Liu will shed light on the relationship between Society & Soil. This afternoon is also a taster of Spring College’s opening course 15-17 March Soil, Soul, Society.

By attending you will:

  • get inspired by an internationally renowned ecological filmmaker
  • gain knowledge regarding ecological restoration and community building
  • develop new senses for the relationships with/in the soil we live from
  • be moved by the responsibilities and possibilities facing society

Interested? Please sign up via or via the event page on our fb group. The event is by donation; €25 will cover direct costs (not our time). You can transfer your donation to Spring College, NL38 TRIO 0254 8451 26 at Triodos Bank Zeist or bring cash money with you.

Feel free to share this invitation with anyone you think would be interested.


Visitors centre De Zandwaaier is located on de Zeeweg in Overveen, near the Koevlak entrance of National Park  Zuid Kennemerduinen (see map). Directions in Dutch can be found here.

By train: From NS-station Overveen it is a 15 minute walk to De Zandwaaier. Leaving the station take a left to the Tetterodeweg, which you follow until the end. When you reach the entrance of the PWN-terrain, walk around the building to the front. There are OV-fiets rentals available from Haarlem (15 min.) and Heemstede-Aerdenhout (20 min.)

By bus: Connexxion, route 81 from NS-station Haarlem to Zeeweg, bus stop Kennemerduinen. From there it is a 5 minute walk.

For sharing a ride, please sign up to the Spring College facebook group and connect to other participants.

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