For Spring College, Spring is the season of new inspiration. A time for new ideas to pop out of their buds and to flower, while they attract and create a buzz that cross-pollinates.

Our first Spring seasons will be filled with a variety of topics and teachers coming together in longer courses and shorter events. We are guests in different ecosystems in the Netherlands, where we join the rest of Life turning Spring.

2013 is the first year that Spring College is in the air and we look forward to connecting with you. If you wish to receive updates on upcoming courses, please send us a message with your details on

7 December          Winter Walk the Talk: Turning Points – While the Autumn season slowly turns to Winter, this afternoon programme is a celebration of the fact that Spring is in the Air. On this Spring College bEarthday storyteller, educator and business consultant Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney will share his stories on turning points. During lunch, a walk through the Dutch polders, and warming up around the fire, you are invited to learn from your own and each others experience with life’s transitions.

24 February          Earth’s Hope – Chinese/American filmmaker John D Liu is well known for his active involvement in worldwide restoration of ecosystems. Over the years, John has worked in over 60 countries, supporting communities to cooperate in restoring the the ecosystems on which their livelihood and that of future generations depends. In Earth’s Hope, John will screen unshown footage of his work and share stories of his learning journeys around the world. We will go for a walk in the forest of the Kennemerduinen where we explore the soil we live on, and its meaning to our life and well-being.

15-17 March            Soil, Soul, Society – Spring College is pleased to invite you to Soil, Soul, Society is a three-day programme for professionals who care deeply about sustainability. During the long weekend, we experience our intricate connection to the living earth, and explore what a truly holistic economic paradigm encompasses. Teachers: Satish Kumar (founder of Schumacher College, editor of Resurgence Magazine), Irene von Lippe-Biesterfeld (founder of Nature College), Li An Phoa and Sarah Denie. More information on Soil, Soul, Society is available here.

25 May                       Money & Valuing Life – ‘There is no Wealth but Life’. Few of us who would disagree with John Ruskin. Nevertheless, we have created an economy based on extraction of living and fossil beings, and the breakdown of the healthy relationships between them. Willem Ferwerda, former director of IUCN the Netherlands and initiator of the Ecosystem Return Foundation will present his business case for large-scale ecosystem restoration, while Sarah and Li An take you for a walk into the indigenous gardens, inviting you to broaden our perception on progress, development and a ‘successful’ economy, in alignment with ecological value systems.

8 June                       Earth Art– During this experiential course, Spring College will be joined by artist and teacher Jan van Boeckel (Nature Art Education, Aalto University School of Art and Design). We explore the relationship of Art in Earth and we will take you through open processes of creation. By working with the moist, pasty substance below our feet – clay, we imagine and give shape to organic forms, expressing dynamic natural processes of germination, growth and decay. We will go for a walk through the beautiful Kennemerduinen, and through drawing and painting explore the depth of colour and shape.