Where does our drinking water come from?

Preparing a new Spring College Series ‘Watering our Cities’. Part of Drinkable Rivers‘ mission.

While preparing the London walk 17 Dec 11-14:00, we open it for anyone who wishes to join while we plan itinerary and storylines. If you join, bring some food or (warm) drinks to share, bring cup and wear layers of warm clothes (esp a hat!).

Storytelling the history of the Thames Ring Main (Hugo Evans) and sharing a confluence of the Drinkable Rivers’ mission (Li An Phoa) with the Gross National Happiness (Felipe Viveros).

Let’s create the village feeling in the city warming the human heart and rewilding the mind & city. Everyone welcome especially children !

If you know people who to contact for preparing Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, or where-ever, be in touch with us.