Wild Water: in the footsteps of Viktor Schauberger

A 3-day experiential workshop in Austria discovering the depths and relevance of Viktor Schauberger’s work on water for our time.

What can we learn from Schauberger’s observations and principles in a world where many rivers have been straightened, regulated, and polluted, where many forests have been cut and almost all of Europe’s old growth forests have disappeared?

Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) was an Austrian forest warden, who had gained a strong reputation for his innovative and well functioning economic timber-floating systems. With uniquely sharp and accurate quality for observing living systems like trout fish, snakes and water, he applied his basic principle of “Kapieren und Kopieren (comprehend and copy)”. Amongst others, he recommended to only harvest the ‘interest’ (rente) of the forest.

Together with Viktor’s grandson Jörg Schauberger, we will visit the Pythagoras Kepler System (PKS) Institute. We experienced water systems: rivers, waterfalls and lakes. We learned directly from what water, river banks and fish have to teach us, by activating our senses, intuition and imagination. This workshop was for anyone, no specific experience or education is needed. Due to last year’s success, the workshop has been repeated this year. This workshop both serves people with an interest in system’s approach as well as people with a more specific interest in water, landscapes, healthy ecosystems (e.g. engineers, (social) geographers, (landscape) architects and planners, ecologists).

Together we read ‘Living Water’ (Dutch: Levend Water) written by Olof Alexandersson. From participating in this workshop one will:

  • practice sensing, experiencing, learning from and evaluating a living system (river, lake, tree)
  • get insights in functional principles for designing in alignment with these systems (those from Schauberger and others)
  • compare existing principles and converse about the implications of applying these in daily life/work
  • deep immersion into beautiful landscapes of Salzkammergut
  • meet a diversity of interesting people

De Wild Water workshop bracht voor mij behalve een heerlijk weekend in de bergen, de mogelijkheid om in verwondering te zijn, me verbonden te voelen, te zien en gewoonweg te zijn. Li An leert mij dat water en de natuur leermeesters kunnen zijn, ook voor mij als advocaat.” participant Klaartje Freeke, lawyer

There was limited space for twelve participants (and a minimum of 4 participants).

When: 23-26 June (workshop), arrival: Thursday evening 22nd of June with dinner; departure: Monday morning 26th of June after breakfast

Where: Salzkammergut area, Austria (home base Rettenbach Alm & Bad Ischl)

Rough programme: visit PKS in Bad Ischl, a source and Rettenbach river (Friday); experience rivers and waterfall(s) (Saturday); mountain walk to source and lakes (Sunday)

Language: English

Teachers: Jörg Schauberger with support of Li An Phoa and local host Hayo Stam (Shared Silence)

Register: email springcollegenl@gmail.com with ‘Austria workshop’ + one short paragraph with your motivation + with 50% deposit (325€) your registration is confirmed

Workshop fee: 600€ (personal); 850 euro (business, ex VAT) this includes meals for four days; early bird discount of 10% with full amount paid before 25 May. This excludes your transportation and accommodation costs. We will explore whether we can give scholarships, inquire with us if you wish to apply.

Accommodation: at Rettenbach Alm in true Salzkammergut area. For four nights, estimation of total accommodation costs are 160 euro per person (to be confirmed) in a house for five persons; camping option is currently being explored, to be confirmed.

Payment: total amount workshop fee + accomodation to be paid to Spring College account NL38 TRIO 0254 8451 26 at Triodos Bank, Zeist with your name + Austrian workshop

In case you are in need of a private rooms, please discuss the options with us for a neighbouring gasthaus or hotel.