A week workshop discovering the depth and abundance of matter when closely studying materials at an amazing place in France.

What happens when you discover how forms are being formed? This workshop addresses designers broadly, including artists, architects and engineers. Whether you work with materials or strategies, design is a core activity in every aspect of our society. The adverse side effects of our designs are not directly visible but often have a destructive impact on our living systems. Designers have a key role to play in how we relate with the Earth’s materials.

This week starts with an exploration of water, our basic material, by sensing its qualities of shaping, moving, storing, etc. We will apply our water experiences to broadened experiments with wood. From there onward, we will create our next steps towards a concrete application with any natural material that appeals to you.

In short, we will:
– Get insights into specific laws of life.
– Find our individual understanding of the complexity and simplicity in form and matter.
– Develop a skillfulness working with one material and awaking us to its endless possibilities.
– Align a design process with the living qualities inherent to matter and form.

Together with artist/designer Maria Blaisse, Li An will be tutoring this workshop.

Bob de Graaf is a designer who will support this process with fotos and videos.

For more information on the workshop and the venue check Bois Buchet’s website: https://www.boisbuchet.org/abundance-beyond-waste-with-maria-blaisse-li-an-phoa/

Registration as soon as possible via Bois Buchet.