Spring is a season of creation. A time of the year in which what has laid dormant is ready to burst into life, to pop its head above the soil, to start yet another green revolution.

Spring is also where the river starts. The source, where the water is clear and wholesome. Spring is the place where all things come into being and begin their life paths.

In Dutch, spring means jump. A leap of faith, a dive into the deep end. Springing into the future is exciting, it requires courage, and it will always lead to surprising outcomes.

Spring College was founded by Sarah Denie and Li An Phoa. Inspired by their own learning experiences – amongst others at Schumacher College (UK), they share a strong wish to create transformative learning spaces around the world. After living a fairly nomadic life over the past years, they returned to their motherland, the Netherlands. They considered it the right time to plant the lessons gained around the world in the fertile Dutch soil, where they may grow, develop and bear fruits for all of those who wish to taste.

To get an impression of Spring College, read Happinez (Feb/Mar 2015) or watch this video clip of Earth’s Hope atmosphere in February 2013.  In the newspaper Trouw/De Verdieping Thursday 30th of May 2013: ‘Natuur, dat ben je zelf’ (Nature, that are you), here is a link to our FB page with a link to read the article.