Deepen the relationship with yourself, your family and/or team. Enjoy the beauty of being outside together.

Walk the Talk: Get into embodied action with aligned purpose & passion in your work.SpringCollege circle 24May2014

Talk the Walk: Get different perspectives: from ecological knowledge, to indigenous wisdom, to business and impact investment through outdoor and wilderness experience and our bodies.

Join Li An walking and being still in special places in The Netherlands or abroad. Discover the breadth of stories.

At the end of your walk, you will feel enriched by the beautiful place. You will learn to see things from different perspectives and understand the interdependencies of issues and how you are interrelated and part of this world and of your family and team.

You will feel empowered and energised to act.

Tailor-made. Available year round.


‘Li An weet door haar eindeloze natuurervaring een ogenschijnlijk simpele wandeling In Nederland onverwacht veel diepte te geven. Door haar nieuwe interpretatie van oude bronnen kan zij elk team laten bloeien. Een verbindende ervaring.’ Sem Bakker, Rohe Advocaten / Rohe Lawyers (Feb 2015)