International Conference on Schauberger Technology (ICOST) 2018

Meeting of scientists and Schauberger-experts from several countries, visit to the Schauberger-Archives at PKS – original manuscripts, models and prototypes from the laboratories of Viktor and his son Walter Schauberger. Life and work of the two scientists, water-mysteries and futuristic propulsion systems.

One of the lectures will be given by Curt Hallberg, Sweden. He will talk about “The full and the half Water Cycle, Insights to a modern Problem”. See all speakers below. Li An Phoa will speak about “Drinkable Rivers” and her 1000+km- walk source-to-sea along the River Maas / la Meuse, 16 May – 16 July 2018.

More information via Pythagoras Keppler Schule (PKS):

Where: Bad Ischl, Austria | When: 2-4 August | In English